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    Full Description Adhesive comes with an ultra-thin brush to precisely apply glue to strip and individual lashes. The latex-free formula is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. Available in a white tone that dries clear and dark tone that dries black. Benefits For all skin types Safe for…

  • $3.00

    Full Description A safe latex adhesive to use with M·A·C Lashes and all M·A·C body decorations. Benefits Long-wearing Dries clear For all skin types Safe for contact lens wearers Ingredients Recommended Usage Apply a small amount to the base of the false lash. Allow 30 seconds for the glue to…

  • $3.00

    Full Description Our new universal sharpener provides an exacting, fine tip for a multitude of eye, lip and face pencils. Fitted with high-grade German stainless steel and a tip former within the sharpener, the blades give both a pointed tip for precision pencils and rounded tip for eye shadow and…

  • $6.60

    Full Description A stainless-steel double-sided spatula for use with the M·A·C Palette. Use the scoop side to measure out M·A·C Pigments; the flat side to add and blend the Mixing Medium. Wipes clean with soap and water or M·A·C Brush Cleaner. Ingredients


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